Friday, May 14, 2010

Here Comes The Bride

Just arrived home. We watched Here Comes The Bride. I had a good laugh..super good laugh..

Well this movie is about 5 souls...mmm..I dont want to be unfair with people who would like to watch the movie..:) so I will leave this for you to watch..

Anyway, speaking of souls...if a soul is really connected with other souls, I am in a realization or maybe Im drafting or connecting the dots where did my family roots are drawn..(naks)

This week I have learned a lot..not only with poetry but also with a little bit of myself..
Well, I had the chance to meet some of the writers here in Lucena and I dont know it was really amazing that from the session (drinking session) that we had, I will find out that my family is really into education..Though I love the comment that we really have good eyes.

With that session too, I came to realize that I need to read more and to learn more..I came to realize to that not everything I learned is school is enough; experience and the networks you have will lead you to a more particular/specific/different lessons in life.

Patawa rin kasi, I came to realize that now that I have a year left of being single, I need to know about more of myself including my roots. I would like to explore more, to learn more, to do things that if not done will become a regret to me in the future./p>

enough of this..:))

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  1. Astig lang, marami palang natututunan sa drinking sessions. Hahaha joke mam. :)