Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mixed NUts

There are many things I have to accomplish, many things to push through, many things to do, many things to contemplate, and many things in mind.

I'm like a mixed salty, crunchy, and tasty..

I had many things in store for whoever would like to have a relaxing and appetizing snacks.

If I can only be a super computer, I am looking forward to finish everything. Though in fact, comptuers will only work if there will be an input from the user. Thus, I have the heart and mind to think things over. I have a body and heart that could be tired..physically tired.

Now I have to cater what people wanted me to do..but i need my body, heart and soul including my mind to work together, to feel satisfied. I wish I will have more energy..more love..more understanding..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainy day

Maybe because I'm in a clutter right now..So many stuff I would like to do and need to finish...

But well, it's's like telling me to stop..relax, get a book and have a drink of hot coffee..

i wish ginovesse is here..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why do we have ENVY in this world?

Etymology: Existing since the thirteenth century: from envieFrench, envie, from invidiaLatin, invidia, from invidereLatin, invidere, "look at with malice".

en·vy (nv)
n. pl. en·vies
a. A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.
b. The object of such feeling: Their new pool made them the envy of their neighbors.
2. Obsolete Malevolence.
tr.v. en·vied, en·vy·ing, en·vies
1. To feel envy toward.
2. To regard with envy.

FROM Wikipedia:
In Religion

Envy is one of the Seven deadly sins of the Christian Church. The Book of Exodus [Exo 20:17] states: "You shall not covet your neighbor house; you shall not covet your neighbor wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."

In Islam, envy (Hassad in Arabic) can destroy one's good deeds. Therefore, one must be content with what God has given to them by saying Maashallah (God has willed it).


Until now, I can't comprehend why there are people who are envious of my state. My mom died two years ago. I dont have good work..I am just enjoying my stay because of my students.. my awards are not my awards..those are the honor duly given to my students..not mine..

As we were talking about this, we were surprised that almost all events that was happening for the past four or five years are pointing back at me..all were happening because of some stupid person who thinks his/her insecure maybe because I was loved by others or because I have some triumphs and victories or maybe because I am to be married sooner..

What's wrong with his/her life, he/she got a good married life..loving spouse who earns enough or maybe more than enough and loving kids.

Or maybe because I was loved by my in laws or maybe i am enjoying my life now.

Well at least i am not hurting anyone. and i am not getting credits of others. He/she was..i have good ideas or maybe better for our unit, and i thought he/she was proud of it..and he/she was until she owns everything i said, everything i contributed..

Now, who's lonely and alone?

I'm not..I have friends. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yesterday was fun with the Heart peepz

It was Kian's first birthday! I prepared by gift already the other day. It is a aqua and white jacket.

I was in a dilemma because I wanted to go to the parlor and drop by at Mam Kathy's tribute but Ktin texted to meet her before we go to the party.

In the end, I went to the parlor alone. Ktin got her gift wrapped by herself in the gift wrapping section. And off to Kian's birthday party.

The party was actually not a children's party because a large number of attendees are the parent's friends and colleagues. imagine there's a poker table? And the mommy, Jelyn, was really dressed up..It's like her birthday party..:)

But our friends got a good time..Ktin, Sweet, Jaydy and Lhen..we decided to have a coffee at Zymurgy..i had a steamer..they have cold..Sweet tried the peppermint and it tastes allerin..the mint flavor was not that good..

But we had a good laugh..we throw stories and laughters will burst afterwards..The expressions were "pak, tama, bongga" and the pamatay expression of Lhen "so"..

Then because of those expression, we decided to watch Here comes the bride while we have few shots at Jaydy's.

Tita and Tito was still awake and EM-em, let us carry her cute baby. I miss carrying one..and i like it to be mine..and id like to be a mom probably by next year..

hayz..anyway, last night is a good night..:)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Exhausting week

Today is red day.

Yesterday, actually this morning I went home at around 3am after our tedious task of completing the accreditation documentation. I went to school this morning too at around 830 because I wasnt able to read the alarm and it sucks.

It sucks in the sense that my energy was drained to 0 like an empty battery.

I need to recharge. Good thing is that my teammates went to work early and we finished the remaining 7 books at around 4pm. I'm glad that even we are very tired, we've managed to be beautiful and not to serious about life, coz we had good laughs while working.

BYe for now..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Got new book!

Finally even i wasn't able to finish the movie..I made my bf buy this book for me:

with the necklace/bracelet from gian, his friend from a vacation in CHina..

a letter from my fiance

I would like to share this with you..he gave me this yesterday..and this really made me cry..he painted this wood notebook for me..


My Dearest,

This is a very special letter. you can tell it by the way i write. (very fancy!) I can also write in script. But this way special for that. This letter is special because it's the first one (sorry - with flower) not just the first letter. But the first letter that I wrote without any help from the internet. (wow) and the only letter that tells directly how I feel. I can just say "I LOVE YOU". But love is merely a physical ...err...emotional manifestation of certain chemical reactions inside our body. (yes, they are) also..

no more to say. Just added cliffhanger there...You have inspired me in more ways than any other inspirational and motivational posters out there. Well.. I can tell you how much the sun envies you because you are the brightest object in my eyes. But that's not me. What is me, is making you happy, making you smile, and being your future husband. Yeah! Thinking of just that makes me happy inside. (and sometimes outside) And this is me, writing you, to tell how much i enjoy writing this. Enjoy. It's really wonderful because I'm writing what I directly think of.. I intended to text you I love you then, But was afraid to, so I just said I slipped.

I proposed during our 4th monthsary because I was afraid to lose you. And I wanted to marry you even before we met. I just know who you are yet. (Those by the way were my answers to your questions). ANyway, it's been a long time since my hand and heart worked together and for that i'm congratulating them. I would also like to congratulate you. Why? Because you have a troph, and that's my heart, which is yours forever and everrrrrrrr.

I LOVE YOU so much! I hope this letter brings a smile on your face. (I made all of this)

- Yours forever and every tuesdays.


Sunday, July 4, 2010