Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yesterday was fun with the Heart peepz

It was Kian's first birthday! I prepared by gift already the other day. It is a aqua and white jacket.

I was in a dilemma because I wanted to go to the parlor and drop by at Mam Kathy's tribute but Ktin texted to meet her before we go to the party.

In the end, I went to the parlor alone. Ktin got her gift wrapped by herself in the gift wrapping section. And off to Kian's birthday party.

The party was actually not a children's party because a large number of attendees are the parent's friends and colleagues. imagine there's a poker table? And the mommy, Jelyn, was really dressed up..It's like her birthday party..:)

But our friends got a good time..Ktin, Sweet, Jaydy and Lhen..we decided to have a coffee at Zymurgy..i had a steamer..they have cold..Sweet tried the peppermint and it tastes allerin..the mint flavor was not that good..

But we had a good laugh..we throw stories and laughters will burst afterwards..The expressions were "pak, tama, bongga" and the pamatay expression of Lhen "so"..

Then because of those expression, we decided to watch Here comes the bride while we have few shots at Jaydy's.

Tita and Tito was still awake and EM-em, let us carry her cute baby. I miss carrying one..and i like it to be mine..and id like to be a mom probably by next year..

hayz..anyway, last night is a good night..:)

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