Thursday, October 28, 2010

Facing the Reality

I just read Aldrin's blog..thank you..

I have to say that I was too rude for my students for the past weeks. I am sorry too because they have to do things seriously, the regional press conference is a serious business and i would like to go to the nationals.

This is my last year. and I have to prove myself at least to those who have high eye brows on me. But most is for myself and for my students.

That's why i got disappointed that the training with Manila trainers was cancelled due to many questions that should have at least helped the students growth and development. Good thing was Ma'am Kathy is always here to give me options and enlightenment.

i have so many things and issues knocking my brains out. First, my dad's condition, the grades that should be finished before the RS, the training of the students, the wedding soon, and how can i rekindle my time and presence with my fiance.

I'm sorry HB because I have to leave you and leaving you is to hard. Im loving you but you have to be matured. There are always people who come and go. And maybe this is my time to say I have done enough.

I'm just afraid of who will be cuddling you enough to grow and to mature. But im hoping for the best. Sabi nga ni Sir Abet Oriacel knina, "pagaling ng pagaling na talaga ang HB! galing nyo tlaga!"

I hope others can see that too. But they are too busy of looking at our faults especially my faults (whatever it is). I am hoping too that it is not in a personal level because that is too unfair for the HB. I am trying to do my best. I am trying to do new things. Innovation maybe is really in my blood. Journalism makes me more creative and to think beyond the box. I would like to risk just to hone and improve my students' skills, attitude and totality.

This makes me sick.

They just can't understand me. :( always.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Moral Booster

I am really not a trainer.

What i do is just to chat with my students, tell what I know, and tell them what they should review or read.

That's all.

But today, as I told my dad that "you are actually there as a moral booster." Wow, it was a hit! I really never thought of it because I believe that my students were the one who really wrote each of the articles, writings they had won and failed.

I just cheered them up and told them that they have to pray before their competition and to think positive. That's all.

But now I am boosting myself up...Yes, I am not a trainer but I am their moral supporter...


para lang si Marlu. Laging bumibisita sa computer lab..magpapalamig lang. Pero alam ko na gusto nyang tumulong pero di ko lam ano papagawa at di din niya alam kung paano least nadun sya di ba..:)