Friday, October 22, 2010

Moral Booster

I am really not a trainer.

What i do is just to chat with my students, tell what I know, and tell them what they should review or read.

That's all.

But today, as I told my dad that "you are actually there as a moral booster." Wow, it was a hit! I really never thought of it because I believe that my students were the one who really wrote each of the articles, writings they had won and failed.

I just cheered them up and told them that they have to pray before their competition and to think positive. That's all.

But now I am boosting myself up...Yes, I am not a trainer but I am their moral supporter...


para lang si Marlu. Laging bumibisita sa computer lab..magpapalamig lang. Pero alam ko na gusto nyang tumulong pero di ko lam ano papagawa at di din niya alam kung paano least nadun sya di ba..:)

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