Monday, June 28, 2010

The Nature is really brilliant

We had a meeting this afternoon which lasted until 6 in the evening.

Recently, I was amazed by the different formation of clouds. I just don't know. Maybe, it's because of the photography class that I organized for my students. The lens actually thought me of seeing something beyond the lens, beyond the ordinary..and with that I learned more to appreciate the beauty of everything around me.

When I was in the information center, I looked up and was amazed. The cloud formation was breathtaking. Imagine that there a massive cumulus cloud (like a tower) and at the top of it there's a crown-like light shimmering..But my co-teacher said, Sir Navela, it's like there was a hole in the atmosphere that the light directly hit the clouds. Then looking beside the cumulus cloud is a cloud formation similar to a flag.

It was really amazing. I wish I had my camera on my side.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hate this day

I hate this day because I miss my boyfriend too much..for a week, we seldom talk because he was always in an overtime in his work. i dont know if he's really in an overtime to finish his work or he just would like to get more money in preparation with our wedding.

Damn, i hate this feeling. I hate when we can't have ample time to check on each other. Though we are texting and he tries to call me late in the's not enough for me..hay..sadness..

Friday, June 25, 2010

cute date at toycon 2010

My books

I bought several books last summer and so far I have read only 2:
Warriors collection and Poems of Jewel..

The short stories of Neil Gaiman is sponsored by Ate Meg and I can't still finish it..

and awhile ago I bought another hundred and one famous poems..:D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

1 year, 1 month and 11 days

randomly, leanne texted me how long am i engaged. I said one year and she insisted the exact answer...

and i was amazed it is:

1 year, 1 month and 11 days

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dreaming of him accidentally

I just need to write this..

Last night, we were just kidding around at FB..when Ma'am kathy replied on my fb stat :

Nicole Vlamfort [habang naglalakad sa dilim] nakasabay ko ang aking childhood sweetheart..

Wednesday at 3:06am · ·
Michael Borja
Michael Borja
drama lol
Yesterday at 1:40am · ·
Kathy Ursolino ✬
Kathy Ursolino ✬
teka, sino ba itong childhood sweetheart na ito???
Yesterday at 1:42am · ·
Michael Borja
Michael Borja
ndi ko din po alam hehe!
Yesterday at 1:47am · ·
Nicole Vlamfort
Nicole Vlamfort
hehehe as in super childhood..7 years old yata kami nito..hehehe..mark din pangalan..limot ko second name..:)
Yesterday at 1:57am · ·
Michael Borja
Michael Borja
so many mark in this world, marky where are you hahaha!
Yesterday at 1:58am · ·
Kathy Ursolino ✬
Kathy Ursolino ✬
hahaha... talaga naman... kinilig ka jen? =)
Yesterday at 2:00am · ·
Nicole Vlamfort
Nicole Vlamfort
nagtext nga
Yesterday at 2:01am · ·
Kathy Ursolino ✬
Kathy Ursolino ✬
aba aba... calling gino! calling gino! patay tayo jan =)
Yesterday at 2:02am · ·
Nicole Vlamfort
Nicole Vlamfort
nde me kinilig..share lang ung stat ko..weird nga kahit gustuhin kong kiligin eh wla pa rin..
Yesterday at 2:03am · ·
Nicole Vlamfort
Nicole Vlamfort
marky = makoy makoy, si marky na harmless...
Yesterday at 2:04am · ·
Kathy Ursolino ✬
Kathy Ursolino ✬
harmless ba si makoy??? hahaha
Yesterday at 2:28am · ·
Nicole Vlamfort
Nicole Vlamfort
hahaha..pde mam..:))
Yesterday at 2:35am · ·

ayun di ko maisip why I have to dream about him last night..the scene was i'm waiting for him to come because we have a rendezvous..basta di ko pa rin maisip why..

Then he came. He was so excited to meet me. I am not sure if he hugged me what I remembered was he was so "protective" and I called out my bf. I can see in his eyes that he didnt want to let go..he held me in his arms so tight that I cant move.. until I explained that truly the guy I am pertaining as my bf is really my bf..and he let loose..he said goodbye...teary eyed..

but what suprised me was I saw he has sort of eyeliner..then i remember his black shirt..then in my dreams i glanced twice seeing his pants is not actually's a denim mini skirt with lining - black and red..weird though..

then I watched this awhile ago..just would like to share..and I remembered Meg here...:D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

si crush nagtext (pero hindi rin)

What a week of kilig and non-kilig..

Weird di ba..yesterday, I walked with my childhood sweetheart. Today, I was surprised that my crush texted me..actually two pala sila ngayong nagtext though honestly, walang kilig..(defensive kagad noh)..

hay share lang talaga..magkikita kami ng bf ko sa Saturday, attend kami ng toycon..:D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Childhood sweetheart

Had a weird incident today..

in all the people I will be in the same jeepney was my childhood sweetheart I say. Totally, hindi ko napansin na nadun sya..I hurriedly down sa jeep para nde ko sya nangyari he called out..sabi nya "ang bilis maglakad eh".

I am really fast in walking especially it's dark out there..Ayun, he asked where ako nagwowork..He mentioned pa nga na nakita nya ang brother ko..i asked where he worked para patas..Then ayun na, he teased me. He asked where is my boyfriend. Bakit daw hindi nya ako hinahatid? I laughed at his question. I answered, "bakit ako ihahatid ng bf ko eh ang layo kaya n'ya from quezon city eh pupunta syang quezon province?"

Hanggang sa dumako working abroad, galing pala syang Brunei, tapos nagmanila tapos balik dito..di daw sya makapag-ipon. Tapos sabi nya hindi mo siguro priority ang pag-aabroad, mag-aasawa ka na siguro. SAbi ko oo naman. Pero sabihan ko daw sya kapag ikakasal na ako..May ganun? Sabi ko mga isang araw bago ikasal ako eh sasabihin ko sa kanya o kaya tipong mga 10 am ang wedding ko tapos 9 am ko sya sasabihan..Sabi nya ah ganun, sinagot ko kagad at least ininform kita di ba..

At ayun, nalaman ko din na dalawa na anak nya..four years old ang panganay..i jokingly said na ikaw nga 2 na anak at 4 years old na un panganay ako din family muna ang ippriority ko ngaun..

Napatawa lang s'ya. Hanggang sa pumasok na ako ng gate kasi syempre tapat na ng bahay namin eh..nagba-bye na sya..:D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First day

Woke up early, took quakes for breakfast and two lychee gelatin...yum yum..need to lose wait...damn too fat..a realization after a good friend of mine took a picture of me while I was taking picture of the speaker for the orientation..

i am really fat..God help me..i have 11 months to lose my weight before my wedding and it sucks realizing that I don't have that "sexy" body before, way back when I was in college..

sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice..

the day is actually tiring because my feet hurts and it is super hot..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Excited for Tuesday

Now I realized that my journ kids really make me happy..

This afternoon we went to SM to have reservation for our requested DSLR and cd player..I met Aldrin and Albert for the final decision of these equipments and gadgets..

So we checked the MP4 pensonic amplifier with microphone at SM appliance center and Albert approved since he's our technical director for our radio broadcasting. It's like a mini-karaoke in which you can attach your ipod and the like because it is USB capable. Then unfortunately, the DSLR - canon 1000d is out of stock and can be ordered only. It will take 1 week to have that DSLR so we decided to check on other stores..

We went to Konika center and seen the Nikon 3000d which costs 33500 something and the nikon d90 around 60 or 40k i guess..I dont clearly remember..then we decided to check at SM dept store..then we saw Nikon 3000d which costs 32500 but if you have it on cash it will be 30000 only..and to think you have free tripod, free 4gb memory card, bag and cap..oh my..

so we called Yssa to check..but we have bad reviews on 3000d but we're thinking maybe because it's a super professional photog who had a review on this..and we cant wait for another day to have our DSLR..and we'll never know who will be using it next year, since I am out already..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

today is tiring, alarming

they said we should not get tired of is beautiful actually..but i had this conversation with my friend and i got fed up..i know this is wrong but im trying to cheer her up and..

deng796: ah ganun ba??nuh gnagwa mo??
deng796: bc ba ba??

mjtv_99: sobra kaming busy..

deng796: mis you

mjtv_99: dmi kming changes s skul..
mjtv_99: miss u too

deng796: ate gusto ko sana magkita kita tau habang well pa ko

mjtv_99: habang well k pa?
mjtv_99: my sakit k b?

deng796: uu eh

mjtv_99: wat sakit mo?

deng796: something happend kc

mjtv_99: wat nangyari?

deng796: kc po nagka stroke ako
deng796: mild lng nmn

mjtv_99: ha?

deng796: at sa halip na sa uta

mjtv_99: yan kulang ka siguro ng rest

deng796: at sa halip na sa utak

mjtv_99: ano?
mjtv_99: di ko gets
mjtv_99: ate dang..

deng796: sa mata tumama

mjtv_99: dont me too pessmistic
mjtv_99: take care of yourself
mjtv_99: para nmng pinparusahan mo sarili mo
mjtv_99: dont make things the end of time..

deng796: may bumarang ugat sa ryt eye ko

mjtv_99: can it be operated?

deng796: laser
deng796: ksoo it will cost me 35 thou

mjtv_99: so wats ur plan

deng796: pero ua ko second opinn sa kay dra. sy

mjtv_99: go

deng796: pero kuha ko second opinn sa kay dra. sy

mjtv_99: pagamot k na kagad..msama ung hinihintay pa kung ano ano..

deng796: tumaas ung blood sugar ko eh

mjtv_99: diabetic ka

deng796: im hoeless

mjtv_99: hayz

deng796: im hopeless

deng796: tnatamad nko

mjtv_99: ate dang..kc nmn dati pa nmin ikw nireremind

deng796: wla lng

mjtv_99: we cant help u if u will not help ur self

deng796: mag papagamot ako hirap nmn kc wala nmn akong pera
deng796: ate kaw pan nk2alam nito

mjtv_99: humiram..magloan..
mjtv_99: ate dang..please have faith
mjtv_99: pray din

deng796: panu la nm ako mahihiraman

mjtv_99: dont lose hope
mjtv_99: kapatid mo..
mjtv_99: kamag-anak mo
mjtv_99: magloan k sa SSS
mjtv_99: sa pag-ibig

deng796: nilapitan ko n mga kamag anak ko
deng796: laging sabi titingnan daw nila
deng796: my loan pko sa sss

mjtv_99: ate iba k n lng humiram

deng796: la rin pera sina ate
deng796: xmpre 3 n ang anak eh
deng796: mas klangan nla ng pera

mjtv_99: have u tried
mjtv_99: alm ba ng kapatid mo..

deng796: if ill be unlucky and totally loose my sight i guess mas gugustuhin ko pa mamamatay
deng796: uu lam ni ate

mjtv_99: ay ewan ko ate dang..
mjtv_99: ung mga bulag nga eh nabubuhay at nakapagtrabaho pa
mjtv_99: if uve been kinder to ur self before
mjtv_99: what u have to do is have a postve mind set
mjtv_99: gawa lhat ng posibleng mangyari

deng796: bah tama na nmn..

mjtv_99: alam ng bf mo?

deng796: i guess its enough
deng796: gato n nga ako

mjtv_99: panong enough ate dang?

deng796: ganto n nga ako
deng796: bulag pko
deng796: auko nun

mjtv_99: eh nanay ko nga nadiagnose ng 2002..bumalik ang sakit ng 2006 hindi sya nag-give up..cancer un ate dang..
mjtv_99: kw iniisip mo na mabubulag ka palang..pero di mo pa alm if un nga mangyayari..
mjtv_99: there's so much life ahead..
mjtv_99: wag mong idegrade sarili mo
mjtv_99: sabi nga love ur own

deng796: na ive experience different things already

mjtv_99: sino pa magmamahal sa sarili mo kundi ikw

deng796: tama n cguro un

mjtv_99: nothing i would say na ate dang..

deng796: may diabetes kac ako
deng796: unti unti nilalamon ako g sakit ko
deng796: maxadong maselan
deng796: at kahit anung gawin ko
deng796: malaking pera an involved

mjtv_99: di ko n alm ate dang..
mjtv_99: im trying to help u..
mjtv_99: im cheering u up pero gnyan ka

that's the end of our conversation..i felt bad about is really beautiful but there are people who just cant see it even if they have both clear eyes..