Monday, June 28, 2010

The Nature is really brilliant

We had a meeting this afternoon which lasted until 6 in the evening.

Recently, I was amazed by the different formation of clouds. I just don't know. Maybe, it's because of the photography class that I organized for my students. The lens actually thought me of seeing something beyond the lens, beyond the ordinary..and with that I learned more to appreciate the beauty of everything around me.

When I was in the information center, I looked up and was amazed. The cloud formation was breathtaking. Imagine that there a massive cumulus cloud (like a tower) and at the top of it there's a crown-like light shimmering..But my co-teacher said, Sir Navela, it's like there was a hole in the atmosphere that the light directly hit the clouds. Then looking beside the cumulus cloud is a cloud formation similar to a flag.

It was really amazing. I wish I had my camera on my side.

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