Sunday, June 13, 2010

Excited for Tuesday

Now I realized that my journ kids really make me happy..

This afternoon we went to SM to have reservation for our requested DSLR and cd player..I met Aldrin and Albert for the final decision of these equipments and gadgets..

So we checked the MP4 pensonic amplifier with microphone at SM appliance center and Albert approved since he's our technical director for our radio broadcasting. It's like a mini-karaoke in which you can attach your ipod and the like because it is USB capable. Then unfortunately, the DSLR - canon 1000d is out of stock and can be ordered only. It will take 1 week to have that DSLR so we decided to check on other stores..

We went to Konika center and seen the Nikon 3000d which costs 33500 something and the nikon d90 around 60 or 40k i guess..I dont clearly remember..then we decided to check at SM dept store..then we saw Nikon 3000d which costs 32500 but if you have it on cash it will be 30000 only..and to think you have free tripod, free 4gb memory card, bag and cap..oh my..

so we called Yssa to check..but we have bad reviews on 3000d but we're thinking maybe because it's a super professional photog who had a review on this..and we cant wait for another day to have our DSLR..and we'll never know who will be using it next year, since I am out already..

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