Monday, July 5, 2010

a letter from my fiance

I would like to share this with you..he gave me this yesterday..and this really made me cry..he painted this wood notebook for me..


My Dearest,

This is a very special letter. you can tell it by the way i write. (very fancy!) I can also write in script. But this way special for that. This letter is special because it's the first one (sorry - with flower) not just the first letter. But the first letter that I wrote without any help from the internet. (wow) and the only letter that tells directly how I feel. I can just say "I LOVE YOU". But love is merely a physical ...err...emotional manifestation of certain chemical reactions inside our body. (yes, they are) also..

no more to say. Just added cliffhanger there...You have inspired me in more ways than any other inspirational and motivational posters out there. Well.. I can tell you how much the sun envies you because you are the brightest object in my eyes. But that's not me. What is me, is making you happy, making you smile, and being your future husband. Yeah! Thinking of just that makes me happy inside. (and sometimes outside) And this is me, writing you, to tell how much i enjoy writing this. Enjoy. It's really wonderful because I'm writing what I directly think of.. I intended to text you I love you then, But was afraid to, so I just said I slipped.

I proposed during our 4th monthsary because I was afraid to lose you. And I wanted to marry you even before we met. I just know who you are yet. (Those by the way were my answers to your questions). ANyway, it's been a long time since my hand and heart worked together and for that i'm congratulating them. I would also like to congratulate you. Why? Because you have a troph, and that's my heart, which is yours forever and everrrrrrrr.

I LOVE YOU so much! I hope this letter brings a smile on your face. (I made all of this)

- Yours forever and every tuesdays.


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