Saturday, September 25, 2010

Three were left out, but they are still the best!

I thought I can move on...

But I hope I could.

After the Division School's Press Conference result came out. I know I had to do something. To think something.

I prayed hard before the start of the program, I asked God, "Lord, pabalato mo na sa akin mga bata oh. Please. Silang lahat manalo." But it slipped in my mind the number 18. The lucky 18. My number besides 8. That I understood that three will be left out.

I was really thorned knowing it. Im half happy and half sad.

Seeing Marlu cried made my heart broken into pieces. I can feel his pain. I wish i could carry all the pain that he's feeling two days ago. I have seen his pictures but i couldnt handle the fact that the note in his work is "not following directions". But what duh is the instruction.

However, I was happy to see that Mara is okay. She's one of the new batch (including Marlu). When I told her, "Ate Mara, next year ulit!" She told me, "talaga mam? Sige po." I can still see her joy. And Leanne, I know her pain too but she's tough enough to handle it.

How can I tell the rest that I will be leaving soon. Just give me time. I will have time. What I have to do is to prepare them for the regionals and for the nationals. Cross fingers. And that we have to produce a very well prepared and meaty newspaper.

here we come Sta. Rosa! See you Bohol!

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