Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was hooked by Palagsing. Yes, palagsing! It is not singsing (ring) or hatsing (sniff). It is a native delicacy from Butuan City.

April 10 - We went to the Butuan's market to check on whatever we can see there. We were told by the local tourist guide that we should buy this delicacy from their place. So we went around.

Two young girls under a colorful big umbrella were selling different kakanin. They immediately smiled at us and we asked if they have "pagsing" and they corrected us "palagsing". We bought two packs (5 suman in a pack) for Php20 only. It is very cheap actually.

So as we arrived in our quarters, I excitedly opened the suman and gave the others their share. It tastes like sumang balinghoy, the texture is like sago, then it has coconut strips.

As I researched in Wikipedia, Palagsing is actually made in Banza (an old poblacion in Butuan). It is actually made from Lumbiya where Unaw, the lumbiya starch, which is reaped from Palm trees. The reason why the texture is like sago and tastes like balinghoy is because of the combination of "unaw" (young coconut) and brown sugar and it was actually boiled for 30 minutes to produce its soft consistency.

I loved its taste and the others too. This is a new food that's worth sharing.

picture taken by me

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