Monday, February 7, 2011

Cosplay Hangover

February 4 and 5.


Encarta tells it's triumphantly joyful; a feeling or expressing great delight over a success, achievement or victory.

The feeling was just overwhelming. I never expected the outcome was just so awesome that people were actually intense. The audience was screaming their lungs out. Camera flashing onto our young models were endless. They were superstars! Wow, I think the Cosplay Craze Year 2 was a success.

We were all apprehensive at first. There were no registrants for the 1st Inter-high school Cosplay competition and somehow frustrating. But, it was a blessing disguise. I have more attention with the practice of the our students and at the same time I have more focus on the preparation of the documentation of the entire event (UNITE 2011:WIMAX - 4th Provncial Information Technology Congress).

Our students keep on asking when will be the next cosplay event. They even asked me if I can go with them on March 5 event in Manila but I said the school and I (as their teacher) will not be liable to whatever possible thing to happen. They were insisting that I really come.

I'll think about it. Though my cuzn Redd and Shark will be coming so there's a big possibility that I will come.

Well, I say the cosplay event made our students boost their morale, level up their self-confidence and build friendships with other cosplayers (even they are coming from the Elementary and High School department).

I was even caught in surprise when representatives from OU Lucena came to support the event. Thank you to them..:)

Yes, I am still in cloud 9 about the turn out of events. :)

And sadly, this is my last year of organizing this event. :|

Just look at our pictures..

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