Sunday, January 16, 2011

To the man I love

My dearest,

I wish you can make up your mind with the plan we'll be threading for the next months. It was really hard for me to plan things in my mind and dream about everything and then you will be telling me that the plan will be changed?(Knowing you are the kind of person who do not have any plan -- I never thought that you will be that kind.)

I really felt bad. Truly, I am. But what shall I do? I can't be mad at you. If I don't love you that much, I have been so angry.

If it will be a civil wedding then go ahead..if it will be a church wedding, so let it be..But decide what will be. I was thinking we had finalized that it will be a church wedding so that we can save money for our new home. But now you have changed your mind knowing that your mom can help you with the finance at this time because of the non-availability of funds.

So whatever you have decided, please let me know and please be it final. I have waited for a year for the wedding and even you have given the dates before. You were then the most excited. Now, that things were sinked in my mind, I was hoping for things to came to reality.

Whatever it is, please please be sure before you tell me. I hate waiting. I hate crying. I hate fighting. I love you so much that I can't even imagine the worst to come within us.

Hoping for reality to sink in,

your dearest

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