Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting high on music

I just bumped into the FB wall of my former student, Aleix. I hit the link: then I just found myself checking more about it:

Yep as they told on their profile they are twins and God their voices are really soothing and comforting. Now that the weather is breezing cold and this lazy weekend night will really make me hook into nice kind of music.

So for a li'l background 'coz you might wonder they look Korean, yes they are, but they were born and raised in Australia.

They do have their own channel: You may want to check and find out what I am talking here.

I love Tamia for the song Officially Missing You. Js' remake would make you hit more on their other uploaded videos. Some of my favorites were Price Tag by Jessie J, Just The Way You Are of Bruno Mars and Fireflies of Owl City.

Then when I posted the link on my facebook, there were comments posted that they love these twins! Oh well, I hope I can check out more of them.

But now I'll be looking more for some good old time music like this:

So enjoy everyone! Have a great Saturday night!

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